Flex Decompiler for Mac

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Decompiler Flex Mac
SWF to Flex decompiler for Mac allows you to:
  • Decompile SWF to Flex project within just a couple of clicks;
  • Make changes to SWF file after converting it to Flex sources;
  • Extract elements (sounds, images, videos, etc.) from SWF file created in Flex to various file formats and save them to the hard drive.
Convert SWF to Flex Mac

Decompile Flex files on a Mac smoothly!

or how to convert SWF to Flex source on Mac

Flash Decompiler Trillix for Mac lets you decompile SWF to Flex project files, which allows modifying SWF files in their native environment. Converting SWF file to its Flex source files is extremely easy, just select the file you want to convert, add it to Flash Decompiler Trillix and press "Convert" button.

I no longer worry about my FLA master getting lost. I can always decompile a SWF. The value in this product is amazing! It its one of those applications that stays with you on many different jobs I use it a lot.

Mark Rydqusit

Flex Decompiler designed to help users decompile Flex and convert SWF elements into multiple formats. It's also handy for web programmers, web designers or even end users who deal with lots of Flash files.

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