How to:

decompile Flex file using
Flex Decompiler by Eltima

With Flash Decompiler Trillix you can easily decompile Flex SWF files and convert them to their project files in those cases when you need to make changes to SWF file, but unfortunately lost its source file.
This is how it is done:
Download and launch latest version of Flex Decompiler Download Flex decompiler from this page
Add the SWF file you want to decompile to "My Tasks" list. While working with a file, you can see whether it is a Flash file or Flex one. You will see the corresponding icon to the left of the file name in “My tasks” list.
Now switch to "Convert" tab that you can see on the ribbon. Choose the destination folder where you want resulting Flex project files to be stored
Press "Convert current" button to convert selected SWF file to Flex projects with default settings. Press "Convert all" button if you want to convert all SWF files in "My Tasks" list
In case you want to adjust some conversion settings, switch to "Conversion options" tab. After you are done with modifying the settings, go back to step 4
That's It! Thank you for choosing Flex Decompiler by Eltima!
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