Decompiler Flex

or how to decompile Flex files
with Flash Decompiler Trillix

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As you probably know most of SWF files are created in Adobe® Flash® or Flex software. To edit the latter, you should have the Flex project files and Flex kit installed (or in its latest version - Adobe® Flash® Builder™). There you can open and modify your Flex project.

The most common problem that may arise is your Flex project files were lost or got corrupted, but you desperately need to edit your SWF file created in Flex.

Common solutions:
Creating SWF file with the needed changes in Flex builder from a scratch.
Disadvantages: You will need a lot of time and effort, plus you have to be an experienced Flex applications developer.
Ordering the development of a SWF file anew from a professional Flex developer.
Disadvantages:Such services are usually quite costly and may take some time.

All the above methods are good, but they don't combine speed, efficiency and cheapness in one, when you need to decompile Flex files.

Eltima Solution: Decompile Flex files fast and smoothly!

Flash Decompiler Trillix is a convenient Flex decompiler solution for converting SWF files created in Flex into their project files. It will convert SWF file into its Flex project files in seconds, saving your precious time and money. Now you can easily make changes to your project in native Flex environment.

And in case the changes you want to make are minor: replace the image, sound, video, link, etc. you can even do that without converting SWF file to Flex project if you are using Flash Decompiler Trillix for Windows.

With Flex decompiler you can:
Edit SWF file (replace images, sounds, links, etc.) without converting SWF to Flex project files (if you are using Windows version);
Decompile Flex SWF files within a couple of clicks and then edit them in their native environment;
Work with scripts (view, copy, search through them).
Export SWF elements (images, sounds, videos, etc.) to various formats;

In this section Flash Decompiler is viewed as a Flex Decompiler, we have also created a Flex Decompiler HOW-TO Area, which will help you easily learn the basics of using our software.

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